As a future oriented garment factory since 1985, we see ourselves as a full-service manufacturer, that can provide all your needs and requirements when it comes to sport wear. We like to work closely with you, to create your own tailor-made solutions, applying a professional, goal-oriented approach which takes into account how to best-serve your target customers’ needs.

Our Quality Control dept. is made up of qualified inspectors who have worked in our factory for many years, objective inspection reports can be given upon request by either our QC- team or 3rd party inspectors. Inline inspections are done to make sure potential problems that only come up in production, are found in an early stage, so that they can still be changed.


Our team of Merchandisers, all fluent in English, closely follow the orders and make sure all your comments are followed. Starting from the 1st samples, we contribute by giving constructive ideas on styles in order to improve quality and speed up the sampling process. In addition, we make sure to track down potential difficulties in an early stage, so they can be taken care of well before production and won’t cause a delay in delivery.

We will ensure all products are packaged optimally and ship your products in compliance with all of your instructions. We ensure that your products arrive at their destination in personalized packaging with no indication of AGE name on packages and on time. We can take care of all your shipping needs, we respect your relationships.